Thursday, 15 May 2014

A is for Age - The Alphabet Photography Project

The lovely Charly over at PODcast has started a new photography project called Alphabet Photography, each week she will be setting a challenge to photograph something beginning with a letter of the alphabet. 

This week brings the first letter which of course is A!

I have been putting so much thought into this one, why is it that when your really try to think of objects beginning with a certain letter that all of those objects completely disappear out of your head?! 

I took my photograph this morning and my word I chose was Age

Ted is always looking at the pictures of himself as a newborn as he points and 'squeaks' (Ted squeaks a lot!). I can't wait for the day that he will understand that the little baby in the picture is him. 

He has grown so much lately and despite being only 17 months old he is so big and it is hard to believe he was once that tiny boy that his Daddy was able to hold in one hand! 

You can join in with the project too! Just share on Pinterest and Facebook groups or on Instagram (PODcast is here). Don't forger the hashtag #alphabetphoto.


  1. Oh Jade that's such a wonderful photo of Ted. He's growing up so fast but he's adorable though, just look at that little cute face! Thank you for your kind words and for joining in. I'm sure #alphbetphoto is going to be lots of fun :)

    1. Thank you! Yes he is too big! :) I am looking forward to exploring the rest of the alphabet! :)

  2. Ah such a cute photo. My daughter loves looking at photos of herself too though she never realises the baby photos are her!

  3. Wow, look at the change in him. He is becoming such a big boy and growing up so quickly!


  4. Adorable picture! My two love looking at photos of themselves as babies too, at 4 & 3 they are finally grasping that they are old pictures of them and it is lovely x

  5. I love this photo! Such a lovely idea hun x #alphabetphoto


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