Tuesday, 20 May 2014

5 Minutes for Me!

Last week I left my phone at my parents house a few miles away. I left Joe with Ted and hurried back to collect it. While on my way home I decided to take 5 minutes to myself to visit a place I used to love as a child. The tree in these pictures is in the village I grew up in. 

As children we would play in our 'den' every day after school collecting corn from the field and trying to make our own flour! The tree is still the same as it was but it was sad to see lots of rubbish and even a Jack Daniels can shoved into the very heart of the tree.

It brought back lots of memories and I managed to get some pictures of these colourful rape fields on the way back home too! It was nice to take some time just for me and 5 minutes was all it took to make me feel much more calm and refreshed!

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  1. Such gorgeous photos and so lovely to have 5 minutes to yourself x


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