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Our Go Ape Adventure - "Me Tarzan, You Jade!"

At the weekend I went on an adventure! I swung from the treetops like Tarzan, minus the loincloth!

My best friend and I decided to take our life in our hands and finally give Go Ape a go. Since becoming Mums we have both lost a little of our confidence and what better way to build up your confidence than doing something that scares you and succeeding?!

Choosing the right course...

When I signed us up for Go Ape I came very close to bottling out on the Treetop Adventure and opting for the Forest Segway Experience but as this wasn't available locally to us I had to take a leap of faith (literally) and brave the Treetops!

For those of you that haven't heard of Go Ape before it is essentially a treetop assault course full of zip wires, Tarzan swings and tricky crossings between tree's. The highest crossing (as I was informed by my friend) is 8 meters so quite high up! 

We decided on a location of Wendover Woods near Aylesbury. It isn't the closest site to us but looked beautiful and the woods are free to look around. So rather than paying in excess of £50 for the Safari Park at the Woburn site we opted for a lovely explore of the forest to continue our adventure!

Go Ape, Wendover Woods, Adventure, Family Fun
Wendover Woods

Arriving at Wendover I was bowled over by how beautiful the woods were. Joe said they reminded him of Center Parcs as they were so nicely maintained and the park was great for Ted who got exploring the minute we left the car.

Go Ape, Wendover Woods, Adventure, Family Fun
Ted and Daddy playing in the park!

I had packed a picnic and remembered to take a change of clothes and some gloves...the clothes would be welcomed at the end! 

Family Go Ape Selfie!

More Jane than Tarzan...

I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to heights. Something I have found has got worse as I have got older, so I had no idea how I would cope hanging from a wire 20-30 feet off the ground. 

Claudy (My BFF...) has always been quite a bit braver than me and I felt reassured having her alongside me. 

The first rule of Go Ape is - You Do Not Talk About Go Ape ALWAYS STAY ATTACHED!

We were greeted at Go Ape by our instructor Jess who got us into our harness and showed us the ropes...haha ropes...*facepalms*

Go Ape, Wendover Woods, Adventure, Family Fun
Claudy and I practising with our gorgeous harnesses...
We were given plenty of training to ensure our safety. We learnt how to use our harnesses and carabiners, making sure the number one rule was followed at all times. That way you will always be safe. 

As I took my first steps on to the training circuit I was a nervous wreck. Onlookers could clearly see my knees knocking together as I tackled the first crossing, which was 2 meters off the ground *blushes*.

Go Ape, Wendover Woods, Adventure, Family Fun
Knee's knocking on the Training Wire!

I was amazed when I landed at the bottom of the first zipwire but totally underestimated my fear of heights and there was much more to come!

Gladiators Ready!

Embracing my inner Jet I imagined myself kitted out in a Lycra jump suit getting ready to go on the first whistle...OK so I was wearing leggings, a hoody and converse but in my head I was a Gladiator! The first ladder was a strange experience, not often I have to climb a rope ladder!

I made it to the top and across a wire to the second platform where I met my match. A Tarzan swing which ended on a giant spider web rope net. My legs locked and I let out a squeak "I can't do it". Claudy called down to the instructor, I could see everyone was concerned I may not make it past the first challenge but I took a deep breath and jumped! 

That was easier than I thought! Scrambling up the rope on to the next platform I continued along the first course and landed in a heap at the bottom of a zip wire covered in woodchip!

2 hours of Monkeying Around

We spent the next 2 hours climbing up rope ladders, pulling ourselves between trees and balancing along crossings made from wood and tiny wires! At some points  I really considered giving up, my arms ached and my palms were sweaty but It was actually quite a thrill. 

Me...the wussy 'Worrier Princess'...the girl that struggles to make it 1 foot off the ground when rockclimbing in Go Outdoors, the girl that can't go on the teacups without getting nauseous was actually hanging from a cheesewire 8 meters off the ground and waving to people below!

Claudy was also doing a great job, despite having given birth only 4 months ago and struggling with a bad back she was doing better than me. Her competitiveness kicked in and she was tackling most of the crossings no handed! 

Waving to my boys on the ground!

As we approached the final course we were both beginning to flag, that final rope ladder was the hardest but as I got to the top disaster struck...

From the top of the circuit I saw Ted fall head first on the gravel and knew he had hurt himself. He let out a cry as he began to have his first nosebleed. I felt quite helpless up there unable to get down to help him but Daddy was on the case, rushing to the instructor who was carrying her first aid kit and mended my little man. 

To say I rushed across the rest of the course was an understatement. All fear left me as my inner Lioness pushed through, I had 6 crossings and a zipwire standing between myself and my baby and I wasn't going to let them beat me!

Taking one almighty leap I careered down the zipwire and landed quite embarrassingly in a crumpled mess at the bottom with woodchip in places I couldn't possibly mention on the blog and my hair looking like I had been dragged through a bush backwards.

I gave my little man a much needed kiss and cuddle...I had done it!

I am not going to go in to details but there is a video of Claudy's final landing that may or may not be winging its way to You've Been Framed but I promised to keep it out of circulation on here (Friends and Family give me a nudge and I may be able dig it out for you!)

Go Ape is an experience I recommend everyone to do at least once in their lives, maybe several times! At £30-£32 for the Treetop Adventure it really is worth every penny and the scenery surrounding the courses are really breathtaking. 

I did it!!

I am so proud of myself for completing the course and although we ended up being too tired for a forest walk we did enjoy a well deserved cup of tea and a picnic when we had finished and came away with a little certificate too!

*I was sent on this adventure to carry out an honest review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Wow, this looks like an ace thing to do for a bit of adventure & thrill! Totally my sort of activity!! Well done you for seeing if through missus!! x


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