Thursday, 24 April 2014

Laura by Hotter Shoe Review

I have recently been reviewing a gorgeous pair of shoes from Hotter shoes and my feet are in heaven! 

For those of you that have yet to hear about Hotter they are a great shoe brand with a passion for comfort. All their shoes are made to perfection in their factory in Lancashire and they are most definitely made with love and attention to detail.

When choosing my shoes I took a look at the website and although some of the designs in my opinion are better suited to women a bit older than me I did manage to find a few designs I loved including the Mabel and Kate shoes which are really simple designs that will go with most casual outfits but I did have my heart set on a pair of Laura loafers in a rather daring shade of red!

Here are my Red Laura shoes:

Unfortunately there was a slight fault with the red ones and the colour from the fabric ran slightly so the fantastic customer service team arranged for a replacement pair to be sent out. I decided to try the Light Taupe ones this time and I am so pleased I did as they go with everything! 

These shoes are so soft and comfortable, the backs rubbed slightly at first as with most real leather shoes but once worn in they are so nice to wear. They have cushioned insoles which make regular wear really easy and as I struggle wearing flat shoes all day I found these gave me the support I needed. 

The breathable fabric allows air to circulate leaving your feet feeling fresh all day and I found I can wear them without socks which is always nice for the summer. I love the leather laces too!

The Laura design comes in 4 different colours. Red and Light Taupe (as above), Cyan and Dark Aqua all with the Tan base colour. I secretly want a pair in every colour! 

These shoes are a little on the higher budget for me when it comes to shoes at £65.00 RRP but I really think it makes more sense to buy high quality shoes rather than lots of pairs of cheap shoes that won't do your feet any good and may fall apart after 5 minutes! 

I love Hotter and can't wait for the summer so that I can wear my Laura's every day!

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  1. They do look comfy! I'm all for comfort :)

  2. I love the red pair and they do look comfy!

    1. I love the red too but unfortunately the colour ran but the beige go with most things :)

  3. They look very comfy! A real must for us mums. Shame the red ones had to be returned. I love the red! #Tried&Tested

  4. oh the red ones are divine! #triedandtested


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