Thursday, 17 April 2014

Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming!!!

Yesterday we went swimming. Me, Ted, Claudy (Teds Godmother) and Bella (My Goddaughter)...keeping up? :)

I was so excited about taking the little ones swimming, I got a new swimming costume and everything but my experience was far from what I was expecting. 

We arrived at the pool bags in tow, very few bags actually as I managed to pack light, to find we had a huuuuuuge queue to wait in as it had just opened. 

Ted didn't want to queue...

Ted wanted to do a runner...

Several times...

In a minute...

By the time we were ready to get changed into our cossies I was drained! It really didn't stop there. The pool had a total lack of baby facilities. A few changing tables in the corridor and one tiny family changing room which was a bit grubby and nowhere to confine a curious toddler whose only aim in life is to find the exit and make his way through it.

I remember going to a few pools in the past that had playpens and little seats with straps to trap protect your child while you get changed yourself. Wet costumes are hard enough to get out of without having to stop your child from escaping under the door at the same time!

I do the usual trick of popping my costume on under my clothes ready to whip my clothes off pre-swim with less hassle. A tip that my friend Kate at Family Fever suggested could make life easier but It wasn't the changing that was the issue it was keeping Ted in one place to get changed. 

Ted tried out his new Little Swimmers nappies from Huggies which put my mind at ease in case of any unwanted mishaps in the pool (relieved to say they worked really well!). The elasticated side panels meant no faffing about with sticky tabs and I was able to just pull them straight up. We found they really didn't soak up any of the pool water and Ted's comforter is Finding Nemo so he loved having Nemo on his pants!

We had a nice swim once we managed to find A. a locker that worked and B. a locker key that worked after that decided to break too! Ted loved the pool but refuses to let me carry him so I will definitely need to find a new rubber ring or armbands for the next trip, as he has outgrown his baby seat. He enjoyed standing on the side then jumping in to my arms and there were lots of giggles from onlookers as he tested the water with his foot before jumping! 

Once we left the pool the chaos started again. Wrapped in his Cuddlemoo towel I carried him in to the changing room with me where he stood and had his juice while I got changed. Then the juice...ran...out...MELTDOWN!!!

My little boy turned into a raving lunatic, refusing to stand still or let me hold him! I managed to get him dressed but he was mid-tantrum by that point and his bottle was flung across the changing rooms, as I bent down to pick it up I turned my back....

"Wheres Ted?" 

My friend was getting Bella changed and we both looked away for what could only have been seconds and he was gone. I called his name and rushed around the changing rooms, I heard someone shout "he's here!" and walked around the corner to find Ted standing poolside with shouting at a lady who was trying to stop him running into the pool fully dressed! 

I thanked the lady, apologised (why do we do that?) and strapped his reigns on to prevent further mishaps. We left the pool and I got him into his buggy....the screaming stopped instantaneously and the tantrum was over. A few grizzles while we had a coffee but I had my normal child back! 

I felt totally exhausted and all from what should have been a lovely day out! 

Here are some tips from my fellow bloggers to make life a bit easier although I think the best one I had was from Rebecca at Mum of a Premature Baby who takes her other half with her and lets him get little man sorted! Joe will definitely be joining us more often!

If you can have a towel in the pool area do so - you can wipe away water from little faces to prevent tears and tantrums with ease! - Emma at The Mini Mes and Me

My 3 love those little water squirters - fill them before you get out and let him play with them in the changing room - you might get a bit damp, but it's worth it to get dressed in peace lol! - Another one from Kate at Family Fever

For More expert advice for keeping your children safe at the pool and some great blogger reviews visit the Little Swimmers website

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  1. Matthew adores swimming. I think it definitely helps having two people there. We took Matthew when he was about 18 months. He didn't want his armbands on so either Lynn or I had to carry him. We haven't really been since then I don't think. But going to try and start going more :) x


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