Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I'm in Bento Heaven!

The past few weeks have been full of exciting lunches! As described beautifully by Debs at Super Busy Mum it may seem crazy to some people but Bento is my new obsession.

This is what Ted's lunches used to look like...It's healthy and yummy but not very exciting. 

I first discovered the wonders of Bento lunches through the fantastically creative Lucy at Capture By Lucy who really embraces Bento Babies and inspired me to create these fun and scrummy boxes that will be sure to inject some excitement in to every day lunches.

For those that have no idea what I am talking about...Bento started out in Asia as a creative way of arranging food in little boxes. Rice and other delicious food was shaped with moulds and made into works of art, all to make lunch times more interesting.


It has now come to the UK and lots of Mums are embracing their inner domestic goddess and putting some love in their kids lunches!

With a little bit of imagination and some cookie cutters you can make every day food much more interesting...

These shooting stars are one of my favourites but why not try using themes like this heart lunch perfect for Valentines!

Or a Teddy Bears Picnic?

Even snacktime can be more exciting with a little thought!

I think it is a great way of getting children to try new foods and can easily include their 5 a day! I have found that with a Bento lunch, Ted eats so much more than he would do normally. He also enjoys being able to pick the bits he likes and I know not to include the ones he doesn't in future. Its a way of learning your child's likes and dislikes and something I am enjoying embracing.

Bento doesn't have to be expensive either, the props I use can be found in the craft or seasonal sections of supermarkets. The snacks are also so cheap if you know where to shop. Aldi and B&M Stores always have great snacks at low prices. This hoard came to about £10 for triple the amount in the picture and will last Ted a few weeks.

The Zoo Pom Bears are great for Safari themed boxes and the little Rockets from Tesco would make a great addition to a Spaceman lunch!

I can't wait to try some more idea's for Ted's lunches and have some idea's for Grown Up Bento Boxes!!

Do you embrace Bento?

Why not check out my Pinterest Board for more Bento Idea's!


  1. What a great selection of lunches for the wee man! And I am so pleased that I am not the only one who is looked at funny when putting these together {and taking photos!} haha! Thanks for the mention, lovely! xx

  2. I'm going to have to try these Bento ideas for my girls :) Yours are so creative x

    1. Thank you! I am quite arty so do find a lot of pleasure out of this type of thing. So easy to do though!


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