Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Furniture Choice - Out with the Old...In with the New Competition

I'm not going to lie I am a little heartbroken right now...

Our gorgeous pine TV unit that was given to us by my parents after being on display in their home for 15 years has just had a boo boo! 

Ted caught the door the other day when playing and it bent backwards on its hinges but then I opened the door to get his toys out and the door came off in my hand! I am so upset that we A. broke a piece of furniture that held so many memories and B. have nowhere to keep Ted's toys neat and tidy in the living room.

What was once a beautifully organised, hidden toy cupboard has now become an open toy mess. Ted pulls everything out the second we put it away and our living room constantly looks like a war zone in Toy Town!

This brings me on to my second sad furniture story...

Our only wardrobe which houses both Joe's clothes and mine has broken too. The hinges were a little damaged as we were given it second hand along with pretty much every piece of furniture we own. The other day while hunting for a dress for the Networking Mummies awards the door as with our tv unit also came off in my hand! I am really not having much luck with furniture! 

Furniture Choice are running an amazing competition called Out With The Old… In With The New! They are offering the chance for one lucky blogger to replace an old piece of furniture with a new one from their website!

I would love to hide Ted's toys away again and finally get my living room back to the organised chaos it was before. I say that as despite all efforts as a mother it is quite tricky to achieve perfection and I have accepted that but some sort of order would make my life so much happier!

I adore this blanket box from the Pickwick range which would look lovely alongside out existing furniture and would finally mean a place to hide all those toys and books!

Alternative Image 19

There you have it, my entry for the Furniture Choice, Out with the Old...In with the New competition. For your chance to enter visit their website here.

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  1. We have just ordered a new coffee table which is all enclosed as I love being able to pack away their toys. Good luck!


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