Sunday, 27 April 2014

Asda Baby Event - April

Its that time again...The Asda Baby Event! This time I am going to call it the Baby and Toddler Event as it is actually called because...I now have a toddler!! 

The event has so many great offers including our favourite Tommee Tippee Bottles which Ted has used since birth. He is now 16 months and although he really should by most peoples recommendations be using a sippy cup he still uses bottles and is happy which means so am I!

These bottles were reviewed by us when he was born for Tommee Tippee and are perfect for us. To see the full review click here. Here is what we thought of them!

"The shape of the bottles make for easy feeding and fit nicely into your hand. The teats have something called Flex and Stretch ripples which mimic the movement of mums breast which is perfect for babies that are both breast and bottle feeding. Also the easi-vent valve prevents the baby from taking in too much air which can give them a sore tummy and leads to a very grouchy baby!"

We were sent some for our Goddaughter Bella to try in Pink and it's going to break my heart giving them away as they are so lovely and girlie. I hope we have a little girl one day to get some for.

As usual the Baby and Toddler Event has some fantastic deals covering everything from feeding to bath time and clothing. I love the George clothing and can't wait to get Ted some summer clothes for our holiday in July! 

Visit to view the full range or pop in store.

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