Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ted's Retro Easter Present!

Easter is on its way and I have been racking my brains trying to decide on a non-chocolate related Easter Gift for Ted.

Children often get bombarded chocolate at Easter and although I am all for treating your children I feel sometimes it can be a little excessive. Toddlers tiny tummies can be upset quite easily and I for one don’t fancy Easter weekend being spent cleaning up after a sick little boy!

Searching online I found many a chocolate free gift for our boy from gorgeous fluffy chicks to super soft plush bunny rabbits. They are a lovely way to give a little nod to Easter without being faced with a sugar filled hyperactive toddler!

Despite my heart wanting to give a loving home to all of those cute cuddlies my head took control and reminded me of the mountain of stuffed toys threatening to engulf Ted’s room and several other area’s of the house and I decided this was not something I wanted to add to!

I suddenly remembered an old childhood toy from Tomy…the Hide and Squeak Eggs! They have probably graced most 80’s and 90’s kids toy box and would make a wonderful Easter present. They are quite cheap to buy new so I settled on that idea and was a little excited about being able to share a bit of my childhood with my boy.

Yesterday I went shopping and while rummaging in a charity shop I came across the original 90’s version of the Hide and Squeak Eggs! I was over the moon. The new ones come in a yellow egg carton whereas the original carton was blue. For just £2 I had taken a trip down memory lane and ticked Ted’s Easter present off my list!


  1. I got some of these (the new version) for my little girl last Christmas and they do make the most perfect Easter gift. Both of my two love them!

  2. what a brilliant idea! and i totally can eat far too much chocolate at Easter. We go for books and toys ,and an egg hunt round the garden for small sized eggs


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