Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ted - 15 Months Old!

It's so hard to believe our little man is 15 months old! I know I say this all the time but honestly where does the time go?!

Ted at 15 Months
Since turning 1 I have noticed Ted's physical development slow down. He cracked walking just before his first birthday and since then has really been concentrating on learning the smaller things. He can now hold a pencil and make marks on paper, use a shape sorter and has even been using a fork! I love seeing his little face when we praise him and he claps his little hands as he knows how clever he is. 

Eating with a fork!

He has learnt a few things I would prefer that he hadn't like opening doors (damn his height!), turning the Sky box off and escaping out of the french doors if I leave them open even the tiniest amount! 

Cheeky Boy!
Although as mentioned last month his speech isn't developing as well as we expected he has been making a whole host of different noises which I think are the signs that some words are on their way. He even repeats Chatter Chatter Chatter back to us which makes us giggle. Most of the time though he just points at things and shouts Eyyyyy!! in a voice that sounds a lot like Al Pacino!

Ted has become a real lover of being outside. He adores running up and down my parents garden as my Dad shows him the birds and tortoises he breeds. With his stick in his hand and his back pack on he toddles by my side and we have quite a tantrum when it is time to come back inside. 
Out for a walk...
We are on his 3rd pair of shoes as he keeps losing them having either kicked them off in his buggy or hiding them somewhere. With his feet measuring in at 5.5 H we are struggling to find shoes to fit him but have a pair from a cheap shoe shop in town that actually fit really well so we have had a couple of pairs of those!

He still continues to engross himself in any book he can get his hands on...actually, anything that looks like a book will do as I caught him reading the tag on his new cuddly toy the other day. Must have been checking the washing instructions!

We have had a few weeks of sickness sadly with a tummy bug followed by a cold which has really knocked Ted for six. He has been off his food and restless resulting in several nights of tears and a few exhausting days. He is on the mend now but it has still affected his sleep and appetite which is disappointing.

Poorly Boy
He has now decided he hates peas, lettuce or anything leafy. He is very picky with his food at the moment and I am just hoping it is because he is feeling unwell and he will go back to his normal bottomless pit self soon!

Ha Ha Ha!
Last but not least this month saw Teds first Hair Cut! It was done by me...a little rough around the edges but I think his curls hide any wonky bits. I kept a lock of his hair for his special box and I must admit he looks a lot smarter and it has time to grow back in before my parents wedding next month!

Bye Bye Baby!
So there you have it, with that lock of hair I say goodbye to my baby and hello to my cheeky little toddler!

I wonder what adventures we have in store?


  1. aaaww it is lovely watching them grow but sometimes a puse button would be nice. I am very sad to say Layla is definitely a toddler now, she is nearing those terrible 2s x

  2. SO CUTE!!! Ha...the sky box, my biggest bug bear! x


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