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School Uniforms - Are they all they're cracked up to be?

School Uniforms: Are They All They’re Cracked Up to Be?

School uniforms vary from school to school, some schools allowing children to attend classes in their own clothes without worrying about a uniform at all. This may seem like a nice idea (after all, it means not having to fork out for a whole new set of clothes!) but is that the best way to go? Most schools across the UK enforce a uniform, in varying degrees, whether it’s a simple polo T and trousers or dress, or whether it’s a uniform emblazoned with the school badge. Whether parents like it or not, it’s expected that we stick to the school uniform requirements, whether we agree with them or not. 

While if you have the option to buy your school uniform from George at ASDA, you will be met with attractive prices that won’t break the bank, sometimes, it’s natural to wonder, “What is the point?” Why do schools insist on a uniform instead of allowing the pupils to wear what they like? There are plenty of benefits to a uniform which may help you to realise their importance within a school setting.

Student Equality
Regardless of whether it’s a private or public school, class issues are bound to exist. If every student is required to wear the same uniform, it helps to promote a sense of equality that may otherwise be lacking. Socioeconomic differences won’t be as apparent, which may reduce the incidence of bullying and teasing. In turn, it should also help pupils to focus on their work, rather than struggling with what goes on in the playground.

If all the kids in a school are wearing the same uniform, it should help to increase school safety. For example, if some of the pupils are on a class trip, teachers will be able to instantly identify the children who are part of their group. The introduction of fluorescent tabards can also help.

Simple things, like having shirts and blouses tucked in, will ensure that the standard of neatness maintained by the school will be far better than if children were allowed to wear what they like. It can be difficult to enforce neatness though, especially during playtime!

Reduce Distractions
If kids are required to wear a uniform, the chance of others being distracted by what their peers are wearing is slim to none. Graphic T’s, punk style clothes and, as they get older, provocative clothing, is limited so students are less distracted and more focussed on what they should be focussed on – school!

Saves Money
You may think that uniforms mean that we have to spend more on clothes, which we do initially, but as they are wearing the same gear for 5 days a week, you don’t have to spend on normal clothes as much. Plus, if you buy from affordable ranges, such as George, you don’t have to worry about spending £100s on uniforms, either.

Whether you’re a fan of uniforms or not, chances are, your child’s school will expect you to abide by the rules that they continue to enforce. Make a list of everything you need to buy and you won’t be met with any unexpected costs, either.

*This post was in collaboration with George.

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