Wednesday, 19 March 2014

"My Mummy" Peppa Pig Book from Penwizard

I recently got a very exciting delivery as a special treat for Ted and I to enjoy together.

This adorable Peppa Pig book from Penwizard truly melts my heart. The My Mummy book is a personalised book all about Mummies that includes Peppa style versions of Ted and I as the main characters.

Starring alongside his favourites, Peppa and Mummy Pig, Ted explains about how wonderful his Mummy is *blushes* and all the wonderful things they do together.

It stretches the truth a little...

"Our Mummies are very neat and tidy" say Peppa and Ted.

...but also feels as though the writers really know me...

"My Mummy is BEAUTIFUL!" says Ted.

The 16 page book can be customised on the website when ordering and there are different hairstyles, eye colours and accessories to choose from. I would like to think I was slightly slimmer than my cartoon alter ego but unfortunately for me that is not one of the options! 

You can add a sibling too if you have more than one child, although if you have more than 2 kids you may have to pick your favourite...we can have favourites right?!

This little book comes in hardback and you can add a special message to the front page. Something really soppy to embarrass the kids with when they are older always goes down well with us! 

I was excited to see some of our other favourites in the story too, with Ben and Holly appearing on the cork board in the kitchen and a Panda version of Peppa's Teddy sneaking in too!

I welled up when reading this as Ted still hasn't mastered any words. It was like all the things he thinks in his head were written in this book and the little Cartoon Ted was telling me them all for him - "I love my Mummy very much" says Ted

I adore the Penwizard personalised books and can't wait to get some more. This book would make the perfect Mothers Day gift for all the Mummy Pig's out there and at just £14.99 it is a really special gift that both Mummy and Child can cherish.

To buy your own My Mummy book for a special Mummy visit the website:

Family Fever

*I was sent this book for the purpose of an honest review but all thoughts are my own


  1. Ohh my word! That is absolutely adorable x

  2. Thanks for the review. Glad that you liked the book - we love it too! PW

  3. This book looks great :) x

  4. Personalised books really do make such a lovely gift. We have a few and Bud loves seeing himself in the book!

  5. Gorgeous book Jade, I love the personalised books so much! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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