Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Guns? On Facebook?

It is safe to say I am quite disgusted at what I have discovered today. While scoping out local selling pages to sell some of Teds old baby bits I came across a group that was titled weapons+more for sale in (Local Area). This group merely had a label stating 18+ only but is an open group and has no limits on who can view it. 

On this page people from our town are selling rifles, air pistols and decorative knives for as little as a few pounds. These items are being sold as if they are a pair of shoes or a sofa. I find it shocking to believe that the streets surrounding me can contain these weapons and there is no proof that any of the owners have licences for those firearms. 

I am not naive, I know all of this happens and that if people want a weapon then they will find them but I am astounded that this is allowed to take place over social media.

I promptly reported the group assuming that it had slipped under Facebooks radar, only to recieve a reply half an hour later to advise that... 

"We reviewed the group you reported for containing credible threat of violence and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards."

These standards relating to 'regulated goods' are almost Facebooks way of washing their hands of all responsibility and are quite frankly a cop out.

"It is not permitted to complete transactions involving regulated goods on our platform. If you post an offer involving firearms, alcohol, tobacco, or adult products, we expect you to make sure you’re following all applicable laws and consider carefully the audience for that content. If you are using a Page to connect with your customers and other audiences, you need to abide by our Pages Terms."

I know people who have rifles for hunting and they have licences and regulations to abide by. I feel sick at the thought that there are deadly weapons only streets away from where my child sleeps that could easily be in the hands of the wrong person!

Even more shocking is that this is an open group. I know a lot of young teenagers that are on social media, surely this is not the type of thing you want your children seeing or having access to?

Am I overreacting or do you agree that this just isn't right?

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  1. It's quite shocking some of the things that are allowed on Facebook and also some that are not allowed (for example topless women and breast feeding) but weapons are dangerous and like you say you don't know of they have licences and who's hands they may fall into.
    Madness. x


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