Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Flippin' Heck its Pancake Day!!!

It's finally here the yummiest day of the year! Pancake Day!

The majority of my family are atheists so it often feels wrong that we celebrate on religious days but I think for us these type of celebrations have become more about tradition and drawing family close together. Pancake Day has always involved the whole family gathered in the kitchen chatting and knocking up the stranged concoctions of pancake fillings!

Today will be no different. Joe is working away so Ted and I will be venturing over to Nana and Grandads for some pancake eating fun and enjoying some quality time with the family.

Here are some heart shaped pancakes I practiced at the weekend to set me up for today, can't have any pancake mishaps! 

I am a big fan of sugar and lemon pancakes... I often stick with the old favourites but I must admit when we have Banana Pancakes there is nothing I like more than a drizzle of Golden Syrup! 

Lyle's have released these special bottles especially for pancakes, the squeezy bottles make dowsing your pancakes easier than ever and a hell of a lot less messy!

I think having been around for 130 years Lyle's Golden Syrup deserves to be brought out on special occasions and none more so than Shrove Tuesday. After all it is all about using up store cupboard ingredients before lent!

Ted loved trying some of my practice pancakes including his own name in pancake form. I am looking forward to continuing this great tradition with my own little family!

Why not make your own Name Pancakes. Make your batter and pour it into a squeezy bottle.
(I used a cake decorating bottle but you can use a clean empty ketchup bottle)
Then just write your name straight into the frying pan, joined up letters of course, and be careful when flipping!!

I have also been getting creative with Peppa Pig Pancakes but I will share them after our final pancake off!

I have put together a Pinterest board of beautiful pancake recipe's and fillings for you to get some inspiration so feel free to pop over.
 Happy Pancake Day!


  1. I love these shaped pancakes, the name ones are great to sneak some learning in with young children while they enjoy their pancakes! :D

  2. Wow those pancakes look so good! I love the Ted one :) xxx

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  3. The name pancake is such a good idea, if only my name wasn't sooo long lol x

  4. You are very creative with your pancakes! Mine were just round and boring :-( They tasted okay though :-)


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