Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Great British Budget - My Money Story

I have recently been asked to join a fantastic new campaign called the Great British Budget, I am so pleased to be on their panel of expert budgeting bloggers! 

Great British Budget

I wanted to tell you a bit about my money history and why it is important to me, now more than ever, to save some pennies.

My Money Story

I have always thought of myself as being quite money savvy. From a young age I have always checked price labels before really looking at things to decide if I can afford them. My Mum brought us up knowing that if we couldn't afford something then we didn't have it and we would save our pocket money for months to get something we really wanted.

When I entered my teens and got the money guzzling machine that was a car I was still good with money, I would buy clothes in the sales and go on nights out and return having spent £5 for the night! I earnt a minimum wage but with no major outgoings other than my car and some board for my parents I really had little to spend my money on. 

The first few years Joe and I were together were a whirlwind of date nights, weekends away and beautiful gifts. We spent our money we earnt and had no plans of saving. We didn't know that in a few years time we would be planning to get married and starting a family.

I still continued to be sensible with my spending, I got my clothes in charity shops and was (and still am) always on the hunt for a bargain in the sales. 

After Joe proposed to me I knew it would be a while before we could afford a wedding but totally underestimated how hard it would be. When I discovered I was pregnant with Ted we had calculated our budget and things looked good. We wouldn't be rolling in it but we had enough to make ends meet and a little bit extra for treats.

Then it was time to put that budgeting into practice...

Ted came along and being a hungry baby got through more formula milk than we the internet had predicted. The exhaustion of caring for a baby left us too tired to cook and we turned to the internet yet again in the form of the dreaded take-aways and in turn began to spend outside of our budget.

Numerous car problems at Joe's end and me being on maternity pay meant our bank balances were slipping in and out of minuses, meaning I really had to get back to work and leave my little man with a childminder. 

Months on, Ted had settled into childcare and we were finally out of our overdrafts and on route to saving some money. That was until Joe had a car accident and his car was close to written off. Having to borrow money from family to scrape together for repairs has meant we are back to square one and in the minuses.

Now more than ever we need to get back on budget. I am finding cheap/free ways to have fun, I make my beauty products stretch further than ever and continue to buy clothes from charity shops. I am constantly scouring the internet for cheap meal idea's and have signed up to freecycle to embrace upcycling!

So there you have it, our financial history in a nutshell. 

I have joined in with the Great British Budget to help get us back on track and saving for our wedding. 

Visit the website for tips and advice and join @yourwealth on Twitter to take part in the February Photo Challenge to win £50 worth of shopping vouchers! 

I will be sharing my budgeting tips along the way so if you don't already 
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  1. Hi Jade! What a moving post. I'm completely with you on this one - nothing can quite prepare you for a little one and the effect it will have on your outgoings and energy levels! Thumbs up to you for joining the challenge. I hope its going well.


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