Saturday, 8 February 2014

SeaFood Movie Review

We were recently sent a copy of Seafood the movie to watch with Ted. I have yet had a chance to pin him down to watch it but did put it on once he had gone to bed one night. A sweet movie with a similar story line to many an underwater animated film...not mentioning any specifics! 

Two sharks, Pup and Julius, embark on an action packed adventure to rescue Pup's brothers and sisters who were stolen by poachers while still in their egg sacks. Julius goes along to protect his little friend and they must venture across the sea and into the human world on a fun-filled journey. 

How cute are those little shark pups?

I was chuckling to myself at some points and the graphics were fantastic. A very colourful movie with lots of quirky characters.

I did find some bits a little dull but perhaps that is just because I am a grown up. I can't wait to sit Ted down and share a good movie with him! 

This is definitely making its way into our collection! 

                                    Lionsgate released Seafood on 3rd February 2014

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