Thursday, 27 February 2014

Plum Baby Food - Discovering new flavours

I am so lucky Ted is such a good eater. He devours anything he can get his hands on including mobile phones, frozen sweetcorn he finds in the bottom of the freezer and occasionally some normal food as well! 

We recently reviewed some lovely toddler meals and pouches from Plum baby and I instantly knew they would be eaten. Although he will eat anything Ted does have favourites. Often this is expressed by an excited Mmmm followed by the odd nom nom nom!

We tried the Plum Mighty 4 pouches which are great for fussy eaters as they contain hidden ingredients that are full to the brim with vitamins for little ones and are rather yummy too! Ted kept trying to feed himself with them but did end up rather messy. 

These pouches are aimed at ages 1-3+ and contain a daily portion of fruit and veg. 

Who would have thought it...Kale and Strawberry? I tried some and I must admit I couldn't even taste the Kale but its nutritional goodness was in there!

mighty 4 purple carrot, blackberry, quinoa & greek-style yogurtmighty 4 sweet potato, blueberry, millet & greek-style yogurtmighty 4 kale, strawberry, amaranth & greek-style yogurt
For bigger filling meals Plum have a great range called Little Foodies which are prepared specially to introduce your little ones to the amazing world of grown up flavours and textures. 
These are two of Ted's favourites. Italian Ragu with Tomato and Beef, he loves his spag bol so this was a winner for us and full of flavour. Going a bit exotic he loved the Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Mango and I think the fruit really added a different element to the meal. 

As with all the Plum products these are 100% organic with no additives so you can rest assured there is no hidden surprises...that is apart from the purple carrots!
For snack times Plum have a great range of nibbly treats including savoury Multigrain Cheddar Rings, Little Yums wafers and the scrummy new Teensy Fruits made from real fruit juice and a perfect 'sweetie' for little ones.

Plum Organic Baby Food | Little Yums Pumpkin & Banana

To check out the full range, find some great recipes and discover some tips for dealing with fussy eaters why not pop over to the Plum website 

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