Thursday, 13 February 2014

Charity Shops and Designer Outlets - Tips to Find Fashion for Less!

As many of you well know, I do love a good bargain. 

I disagree with spending vomit inducing amounts of money on designer handbags or those 'must have' shoes...that is unless they are in the Sale!

This gorgeous red dress was the most expensive dress I have ever purchased and it came in at only £40. Some people will say 'oh that's nothing' me it is a weeks food shop!

After wearing it just once it sat in my wardrobe for years until it no longer fitted me and I have passed it down to my little sister. That is why I don't spend a lot of money on clothes that are only going to be worn once. 

I buy magazines and have the shock of my life when a dress I see is £1000+ that to me is nearly 2 months rent. People have said to me that I may think differently if I had that amount of money to spend but I am really not so sure. I love shopping in the sales trying to find a makes me feel proud to wear something that looks gorgeous and didn't cost as much as some families have to live off for a month.

So where else can you make your money go further for fashion?

Charity Shops are fantastic. I know some people feel put off by second hand clothes but once they have been through the wash they are as good as new and besides, when you go in to a shop you never know who has tried that item of clothing on before you! You also have the added bonus of knowing where your money is going, it can help change somebody's life!

Designer outlets are fantastic if you still want to show off some labels without breaking the bank balance and there are so many outlet stores in the uk to choose from. Some of my favourites are Bicester and Clarkes Village where I love to have a stroll around and a nice coffee with my Mum before bagging some bargains.

I also love a good Market Stall. Avoid the knock offs and cheap remakes and head for the second hand stalls. One in Northampton is just £2 for any item and recently I have seen Next and Topshop coats and jeans there!

I can't wait for my next excuse to scour the rails to update my wardrobe while sticking to my much loved budget. Try shopping around and you never know what treasures you could find!

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