Tuesday, 28 January 2014

No-Sew Socktopus Tutorial

I love this super easy cuddly Socktopus made from Teds tiny baby socks.

I have seen a few tutorials for these but all involve sewing eyes on so with the help of my favourite pen....yes I have a favourite pen...the Sharpie, I have made it totally no-sew!

Heres how to make your own Socktopus.

All you need is:
A Sock
Cuddly toy stuffing (or use an old cushion to save pennies)
Permanent Marker

  • Take your sock and fill the toe part with your stuffing. Enough to make a little ball shaped body.
  • Tie your ribbon at the base of the ball into a little bow. Make sure it is tight so that the stuffing doesn't fall out.
  • With your scissors cut the ankle part of the sock downwards to meet the ribbon. Repeat this until you have 8 little legs!
  • Finally add two little eyes with your permanent marker and your Socktopus is complete! 
I love making these and Ted really likes playing with their little legs.

This is a lovely way to use up odd socks or keep as a memory of your little ones tiny feet! We made a grown up stripy Socktopus too and can't wait to make lots more!

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  1. That's really cute and looks fairly easy to make. Great use of an old sock. Thanks for linking up to #ThriftyThursday :-)


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