Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Living Arrows 2/52

Those of you who know Ted will know there are few things Ted likes more than food. 
In fact I am pretty sure in his list of things he likes it goes something like this...

1. Food
2. Milk
3. His Nemo comforter
4.Nick Jr.
5. Mummy and Daddy

This picture therefore is perfect for this weeks Living Arrows. 

My boy, enjoying a cookie almost the size of his head!

living arrows


  1. He definitely looks like he's enjoying that cookie. And I'm hungry for a cookie myself now....!
    Great capture. x

  2. Cookies are sooo good I'm not surprised he loves food :) I'd love eating that too! xx

  3. He is for sure loving that cookie. Matter of fact, that cookie makes me want one the size of my head too. He is adorable.


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