Saturday, 11 January 2014

Life as a Gaming WAG

For as long as anyone has known Joe he has been a Gamer.

From Final Fantasy to Call of Duty, League of Legends to Starcraft not to mention the one he always returns to...World of Warcraft.

This on many levels makes my fiance, a Geek.

Despite this he is my Geek and if I want to spend the rest of my life with him this is part of him and a part I have to learn to love. 

So I present to you...My life as a Gaming WAG.

How my I am sure Joe see's me...

Us Gaming WAG's differ quite considerably from your normal run of the mill 'Footballers Wife' stereotypical WAG. 

Rather than swanning around fancy soiree's glittering from head to toe on the arm of a millionaire playboy/footballer type we find ourselves rocking in the corner slowly slipping into insanity from the incessant click click click of a keyboard.

Typical WAG's men spend their money on fast cars and fancy restaurants. Our men are more interested in fast processors and fancy keyboards.

Our shelves are stacked high with limited edition disks, magazines and game art. 

We are looked upon as fools because we think spawning is something frogs do and camping takes place in a tent...

Strangely though our fella's know how to use a hoover...well how else would they get the dust off of the motherboards?

We also know where they are at all times...yes even at 3 o'clock in the morning when you come down to get a glass of water, switch the light on and they hiss at you and cover their eyes like Dracula!

Now I want to share life as a Gaming WAG from experience...

There are 3 people in our relationship, Joe, Myself and his PC! 

His Limited edition Titan "Dragon Army" PC is like the elephant in the room. A very shiny overclocked elephant!

Joe and I have never quite seen eye to eye with his gaming. I have never been into computer games besides a bit of button bashing in my early teens to Tony Hawkes pro-skater and even that was mainly for the soundtrack! 

I used to find myself feeling so lonely sat in the living room while Joe was in the spare room of our flat. I would hear him laughing and joking with his online friends and feel in some way that I meant less to him than they did.

It has always been quite hard but I have grown to enjoy the time he spends 'raiding' and 'farming' as it allows me to do exactly what I want. Watch what I want to watch and catch up on my crafts and social networking.

The bonus of having a Gamer for a fiance is his PC. He has an amazing high tech thingymajiggy with pretty red lights. Sometimes...I am allowed to use it! 

Despite his complaints that I waste his 'baby' by trawling the internet and 'doing my blogging' I am able to 'borrow' his PC while he is at work and there is lots of room on his two hard drives for all of my photo's of Ted....all of my photo's!

Ted has already become obsessed with Joe's second baby and despite us constantly trying to deter him, he continues to grab at the base unit, mouse, monitors, keyboard, cables, plugs...just about anything that looks remotely breakable or expensive! 

Joe has vowed that he will get Ted into gaming...poor little man doesn't know what his Daddy has started! 

There you have it. Life as a WAG isn't always designer shoes and handbag sized puppies!

If you would like to hear about being a pro gamer and a Dad please do pop over to Joe's blog here. It's only little but worth a read! 


  1. Loved this post and giggled too. Joes second baby sounds AMAZING! And two hard drives? Whoa...that must run his games like a peach!

    Great post hun and I can see this from both sides. From also being a gamer WAG and also a gamer myself! ^_^ You should give League of Legends a wee bash, you never might like it ;) x

  2. Great post. I too am a Gamer WAG and I fear Oscar is growing up to be like daddy, as soon as I switch the pc on, Oscar wants to climb on my lap and play daddy's racing game.

    I agree though, getting time to watch what I want on the tv is great! X

  3. I know that feeling. You know what they say, if you can't beat them, join them.

    Like Debs said try League of legends we're on it chatting for hours, you should join us!

  4. I know how you feel. You know what they say, if you can't beat them, join them.

    Like Debs said above you should try League of legends. We're on together for hours mainly chatting but you should join us.

  5. Lol, this made me laugh. I know exactly what you mean. My Husband is/was the same. Although we played WoW (warcraft) together.. it is VERY addictive but since having Ethan we've finally been able to not go back to it. :)

    Fantastic post!

    Alex :) x


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