Thursday, 5 December 2013

My experience of Hospital Care

With my best friend Claudy giving birth to her beautiful baby girl Isabella at the weekend I have been having flashbacks to Ted's birth. She had a less than straight forward labour and little one needed some special care to build up her strength. It got me thinking about the care I received whilst in hospital with Ted almost a year ago.

Our local hospital as with many in the country has often received bad press. I got worried sick after reading articles on hospital negligence resulting in me being a nervous wreck the first time I had to stay there.

I was admitted at 14weeks pregnant with dehydration from the Hypermesis and despite the complaints I read on social media and the negative comments on the hospitals own Facebook page I was pleasantly surprised. I was given a private room as they could tell I was worried, the staff were friendly and helpful and I felt like I was in good hands. 

When I was induced 2 days before my due date I again felt that anxiety as any mother to be does but was greeted by a lovely midwife called Jo who explained the induction and made sure I was comfortable...I was in for a long wait that day! 

My problems came when Jo's shift was over and another midwife came to take her place. This one was far from friendly. She was quite blunt when we were able to get some words out of her. When my waters broke and I was alone as Joe had been sent home, I got no response from her as she looked under the sheets and proceeded to leave the room. I was left feeling scared and unsure if everything was ok. 

When I was moved to the labour ward I was met by another midwife. She was firm but kind and was with me through those early contractions, my first breath of gas and air and the whole process of the epidural.  She was amazing and we had a few jokes back and forth as the hours went by. The anaesthetist was wonderful too and even popped by a few hours later to see how I was but by that point I was totally out of it.

I fell asleep from exhaustion and when I awoke I was met by another midwife! This one was also very nice and got me through the pushing stages...that was before the doctor was called in and the rest was far from enjoyable. 

I had a horrible doctor checking my epidural before the cesarean who proceeded to ask me why I was crying...hello?! However, the rest of the 6+ staff in the theatre were wonderful and made me feel so safe despite the traumatic experience. 

After Ted was out and we were recovering I had several nurses/midwifes come and go. Most of which were wonderful and caring. There were not enough of them to go around but they worked hard and I am extremely grateful to them for everything they did to help both myself, Ted and Joe in those early days. Read more about my birth story here.

I really think the NHS is totally under appreciated in this country and despite all the horror stories and complaints I had heard I think 95% of the staff I came into contact with were fantastic. 

I am so happy that Claudy and baby are now on the mend. I am now looking forward to meeting little Bella and getting to share this wonderful gift of motherhood with my best friend! 

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