Thursday, 19 December 2013

Makie Lab 3D Dolls Review

There is one thing in modern technology that I find fascinating. 3D printing! 

When I discovered that there was a company making beautiful dolls using 3D printer technology I was so excited. The fact that we can now print out toys is just wonderful.

Makies are the worlds first 3D printed toy and even more exciting, they are customisable! Using their special interactive website you are able to design and create your own super cute doll and all are made with love.

I decided to create my very own Blog Elf to accompany me on my writing adventures!

Here is how I did it! 

I received this exciting little box through the post. In the box was a little card and on that card was a code (hidden behind that fun silver scratchy-off stuff you get on scratchcards!)

I scratched with my there were no 2p's about...and low and behold my code was underneath! 

I logged on to the Makie website - and the fun bit began.

I clicked CREATE YOUR OWN DOLL and up popped an interactive doll maker app.

I chose from a boy or girl doll, a range of hairstyles and edited her appearance. Mine has very elf like features with a pointy little nose and elf ears! 

Once I designed my doll and chose her costume I clicked MAKE REAL and my gorgeous little doll was off to the printers to be made!

She is on her way to me now so I will be sure to share some photo's once she arrives! 

...and what is my doll called? 

*I was sent a Makie kit for review purposes but all opinions are my own

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