Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The National Space Centre

A couple of weeks ago we went to a fantastic event at The National Space Centre in Leicester where we were invited for a very special day to celebrate the launch of the new show 
Back To The Moon For Good narrated by Tim Allen. 

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We arrived at the Space Centre on a blustery morning and were greeted with a lovely hot tea and coffee before heading off to explore! 

There are lots of different zones taking us all the way from Earth across the stars whizzing past meteors and satellites and even stopping to take a bath with Saturn! Each zone aimed to teach you about the wonders of space. I was wandering around feeling like a child on a school trip and learnt things I was surprised I never knew!

The whole exhibition is interactive and even little Ted was able to explore! There was a school of science and some great craft activities for kids including some rather tricky origami. Most of the zones were carpeted so I was able to let Ted crawl about and there were costume stations for the kids to dress up as scientists, astronauts and even The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I was particularly impressed with a lovely sign by the costumes saying that they could wear these around the museum as long as they returned them. Most places make you stay in that area or frown at you as your child runs into the next room dressed as an alien! 

Ted Exploring The National Space Centre

We enjoyed a spending time with family as well, Joe's family attended the event too and it was great watching Ted and his Uncle Freddy who is 4 play together. Ted even made some new friends along the way. We enjoyed a lovely lunch followed by some scrumptious gourmet popcorn (which I hear was nice as I wasn't able to taste it due to a cold!)

The gift shop was a little over priced for toys but the sweets were well priced as was the restaurant which is not usually the case at most museums or days out. 

Unfortunately Ted was a bit out of sorts which we now know was due to an ear infection so we thought it best not to interrupt the movie and made our way home. 

We had a brilliant day out and I was excited to hear there is a Doctor Who event being held at the Space Centre this weekend! It is well worth keeping an eye out for special events if you are in the midlands area as all tickets can be upgraded to FREE yearly passes when purchased in advance. 
Check out the website for more details - www.spacecentre.co.uk

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