Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Our Playdate with Little Tikes!

Last week we were invited to a very special event! A Little Tikes playdate in Milton Keynes! 

My family are big fans of Little Tikes and have been since my siblings and I were little! I am so pleased to see toys that we played with as children have not changed one bit and now my son is able to enjoy them as much as we did!

We picked up Laura and Leo from The Life And Times Of The Working Mum from the train station on the way and the boys were quite overwhelmed to have another child sharing their personal space in the back seat but once we arrived the tears stopped and the play began! 

We arrived in MK to a conference room full of brightly coloured toys from little diggers to a huge climbing frame. Ted was a little wary at first and I worried that he would stay at the edge the whole day and not interact but before long he was whizzing around the room knocking the bigger kids flying and exploring all the fantastic toys! 

While at the playdate we met the lovely Dr Maggie Redshaw who is a developmental and health psycologist and the Little Tikes Play Expert. She told us all about the Little Tikes Play Personalities which they devised as personalities our children may take on in stages of their development. These include Little Learners, Little Movers, Little Builders and Explorers and finally Little Grown-ups. Read more about Maggie here.

I discovered that Ted is most definitely a Little Mover! There will be a video that I will share with you once it is live that goes into more details about the Play Personalities. 

We had a lovely lunch and caught up with some other blogging Mummies which was great! We then got to meet a very special person...

He has a beard...

He has a red coat...

He has a twinkle in his eye...

He can be seen carrying a large sack full of gifts...

Yup, you guessed it! It was Santa!

Ted stared at him as he crossed the room and I am sure he was stunned by the bright coat and enormous white beard...he likes beards! I was in awe as his beard was totally real and when he opened his mouth out popped a Canadian accent which worked beautifully as he read...
"T'was the night before Christmas and all through the Hoose, not a creature was stirring...not even a moose" 
Hehe! Ted got a special gift from Santa which was fantastic, a Lil' Cooks Kitchen! Our house is only little so we couldn't have a full size kitchen. This made both Ted and myself very excited and we have played with it every day since! 

We had a wonderful day and want to thank the lovely people at Little Tikes for inviting us on our first Playdate! 
Here is Ted enjoying his day...

(Thank you to Laura for some of the pictures as my battery went dead, I am sure you will agree they are lovely!)


  1. This event looked like such fun and how happy does Ted look enjoying all of the amazing toys! Love it. Glad you guys had a great time and were even lucky enough to meet Santa!! ;) x

  2. Replies
    1. We did it was great to see how much fun Ted had :)

  3. I saw Bex from the MummyAdventure the next day and it sounded so fab! Your photos and description only add to that. Glad the tears stopped and they had fun!


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