Wednesday, 6 November 2013

One Minute Playdough

I recently discovered the ultimate aid for a supermum...One Minute Playdough!
The wonderful Creative Playhouse Blog is full to the brim of activities and crafts for your little ones and when I came across this recipe I ran straight for the kitchen cupboards!
All it requires is flour and washing up liquid!
I have never quite got to grips with these cup measurements but used a plastic beaker to measure my flour. I don't think the amount of flour needs to be too precise as its all in the amount of washing up liquid.
Pop your flour into a bowl and squirt in some washing up liquid, gradually add a little more and mix with your hand until you get the desired playdough consistency!
I used a gorgeous Christmassy scented cranberry liquid which left our dough pink and smelling lovely.
You could use original fairy liquid for a green dough, experiment with different colours or even add a little glitter to make fairy dough!
*Ted decided to eat it so I do recommend this for children who don't feel the need to munch everything they get their hands on!

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