Thursday, 3 October 2013

Babies are made from Brain Cells

I am writing a poem,
It may not be great,

But since having a baby,
My brains such a state.

You see babies are made from brain cells im sure,
Your IQ drops as you walk out of the hospital door!

Somedays I can barely remember my name,
I am sure any mother will say the same.

We wash with wet wipes and live in our pyjamas,
Survive on cold tea and half eaten bananas.

I've listened to Bruno Mars more times than I can remember,
It has sponsored sleeptime since mid December!

Nanny Plum is my new best friend and 
I may be sad when Nick Jr Peppa comes to an end, 

But I do have a happy little boy with a beautiful smile,
Which makes all of this day to day craziness worth while!

So that's my poem about being a Mum, 
I can't rhyme anymore so i'm off to clean lunch off the ceiling!


  1. SUPERB stuff - I can't remember where I left my brain but it may well have been in the maternity ward or under the table where they did my C section. LOL.
    FAB poem x

    1. I know! I often have to check my head for scars from a lobotomy!

  2. Lovely poem, well done chicky :) x

  3. Lovely poem - and on the right day too seeing as its National Poetry Day! :)


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