Thursday, 26 September 2013

Our night at the Travelodge

A few weekends ago Joe and I went on a much needed trip away to Oxford. We left Ted with my parents where he was more than happy and off we set on a little adventure! We visited Oxford Castle and had a lovely explore around the city - read what we got up to here!

Joe and I spending quality time together!

After our lovely day we went to Beefeater for dinner. Beefeater is one of my favourite places to get good quality pub grub at fantastic prices and.....UNLIMITED CHIPS!!

While at our meal we had a call from a lovely lady at Travelodge which was where we were booked in to stay that night. She told us that unfortunately there were some pipe issues at the hotel and although the water was working it may be a bit noisy. We were welcomed to stay if we wanted however they would happily move us to the Aylesbury hotel which was 20 miles away and brand new with breakfast facilities. 

Obviously we were in Oxford but as we had no commitments we were more than happy to accept the offer to drive to Aylesbury, I was really pleased with the service we received  I have stayed at countless hotels where there were noisy pipes or building work going on and nobody even bothered to apologise! 

So after a huuuuuuge dinner we set off to Aylesbury. We arrived to find the hotel next to a gorgeous building called the Waterside Theatre, it was a stunningly modern building next to Bear Brook which runs from the Grand Union Canal. There were little barges moored up and a brand new Waitrose where we popped to get some late night snacks to have in our room!

The staff were fantastic and apologised again for having to move us and we were even welcomed by the manager. The hotel itself was spotless and something I really hope will be maintained as the hotel gets older. 

Travelodge Aylesbury

Our room, as with most Travelodge rooms was basic but had everything we needed. Tea and Coffee facilities, a big comfy bed, plenty of clean fresh towels and even a bottle opener! The bathroom was really nice and simple, nothing too fancy just practical and clean.

The bed was so comfortable I secretly wondered if they would notice if I tucked the duvet into my bag! We had a great night watching Saturday night TV and pigging out on snacks, the sunset that night was particularly pretty and it was nice to have some time as a couple again.

Sunset in Aylesbury

We woke at 7 o'clock as our body clocks were used to getting up with little man and enjoyed a cuppa in bed before getting ready and venturing down to breakfast. 

*Niggle Warning!*

We walked into the restaurant and there was nobody around or a sign to say wait to be seated, we then heard a voice behind us at the bar asking for our room number to which we replied and were told we could take a seat and help ourselves. 

A few other families had the same issue. This for me was a little confusing and could have been resolved by a simple sign by the entrance and would make the process smoother for the staff and the guests.

Anyway, we took our seats and there was a great choice for breakfast both continental and cooked. Joe moaned that his OJ had 'bits' in and I reminded him that they don't add those 'bits' in, that is in fact how orange juice is in its natural form! *sighs*

Travelodge Breakfast

I loved the scrambled eggs although would have liked the option for a fried one. Bacon, sausages, beans and tomatoes were yummy and topped up regularly, much to the delight of the child next to us who helped herself to 4 plates all of which she didn't eat! Why do parents let their kids have more if they haven't eaten what they have got? Just because its all you can eat doesn't mean you should let it go to waste! (rant over!)

Plenty of cereal, muffins, toast and a great selection of tea's...mmmm tea! 

We popped back up to the room to grab our stuff and had a little chat with the receptionist before checking out. I am so pleased with the staff at Travelodge Aylesbury they were enthusiastic and helpful and hope that in the years to follow that enthusiasm stays with them. 

Thumbs up Travelodge we had a great break and look forward to the new room changes being rolled out across the country!


  1. I don't think I have stayed in a travel lodge before we usually go for the premier inns but it looks good!

    Kerry @ Lived With Love! | Mummy, Beauty & Lifestyle blog

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time :) beautiful sunset too x

  3. Sounds like you had a fab time and what lovely customer service x


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