Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Beanies - Flavoured Coffee

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I was recently sent a couple of jars of Beanies coffee to try. Beanies take coffee beans and blend them with a variety of flavours to put the fun back in to an every day drink.

Amaretto Almond Caramel French Vanilla

We were sent French Vanilla and Hazelnut. When I opened the jar the scent was quite strong, I couldn't wait to try the vanilla flavour as Vanilla Latte's are my favourite. 

I was a little disappointed because although I like latte's which are very milky the coffee itself was not strong enough for my taste. However, Joe loves a slightly milder coffee flavour and he really enjoyed the Vanilla coffee and took it to work with him! 
Cinnamon & HazelnutIrish Cream Rich Hazelnut
The Hazelnut was a nice taste and went down well with family members. Having spoken to a couple of other bloggers who have tried Beanies themselves I think the coffee would work really well in baking as the flavour really isn't too overpowering.

Overall I think Beanies have a great concept and a wide range of flavours to choose from. I would be interested in trying a few other flavours like Double Chocolate and Irish Cream which sound lovely. 

Beanies coffee is available online at www.beaniesflavourco.co.uk or in Sainsbury's where they have an exclusive range including Cinder Toffee, perfect for the festive season!

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  1. I've heard mixed views about these but it's nice to hear they are good for baking x


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