Thursday, 8 August 2013

OXO Baby/Toddler Cups

A few weeks ago we were having real issues with Ted and drinking. He went for days on end where he refused to drink any water and in the weather we have been having, I needed to find exciting ways to get him to drink. There was help at hand from the great people at OXO, they sent us some baby/toddler cups to try!

We decided to try a couple of different styles to see how he got on.

First we tried the Sippy Cup set. This set is aimed to grow with your child from 6 months up. The sippy cup with handles is great for those early stages and has a leak proof valve that allows the water to come out when baby is sucking it but doesn't spill. The handles have added grip and are removable when your child moves on to the next stage. 
The next stage is a Training Cup Lid which fits onto the top of the cup and has an insert with small holes all the way around to control the flow of the liquid and help ease the child into using a standard cup. Once they have mastered drinking from the cup you can remove the insert and it becomes a regular cup for them to use for as long as they need to.

When using this with Ted we realised that he just bit it rather than drinking and he really didn't get on with it. These are great for easing the transition from a baby bottle to a 'grown-up' cup but it really didn't work with our little fusspot. 


Next we tried a cup with a straw, the Twist Top Water Bottle. Even though this is aimed at much older children I thought we would give this a go as Ted often is able to drink from a straw if it is offered to him. Much to my surprise he was slurping away in no time! This bottle has a twist top lid and the straw retracts inside allowing you to put it into your bag and it doesn't spill. As with all OXO cups it has measurements down the side to enable you to keep track of how much your child is drinking. 

Drinking from a straw! 

These cups both come in 3 colours: Green, Aqua and Pink and are really great value for money. I found them strong and really well designed and practical. 

Ted has now resorted back to only drinking from his bottle but we will keep trying with his new cups and hopefully he will enjoy them more when he is a bit bigger.

*We were sent these cups for review purposes but all opinions are my own


  1. Thats great, I find the younger cups can be difficult to drink from, the older ones always did well for mine :) X

  2. We're going to be reviewing these soon. My Son is too young at the moment, but I hope that as he gets older he gets on well with them.

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