Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Top 10 Tips for the Perfect BBQ!

With the weather being as gorgeous as it has been lately its time to enjoy the sun and 'Whack a Shrimp on the Barbie'!

Here is Ted enjoying his first BBQ of the year with his Auntie

My Top 10 Tips for the Perfect BBQ!

1. Don't over complicate things. Simple is best. Burgers, Sausages, Chicken and a variety of salads and sides and you can't really go wrong. 

2. Know your guests. Make sure you cater for vegetarians or allergies and you will have happy eaters.

3. Make anything that can be made in advance the night before to save you time on the day.

4. Citronella candles are a must in this weather to keep those nasty bugs away from your food.

5. Decide your BBQ. Whether you want a top of the range gas BBQ or an old school kettle BBQ like this one you are sure to have a great day if you choose one that works best for you.

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6. Drinks Drinks Drinks and plenty of them. This little fridge from John Lewis is perfect for keeping your drinks in throughout the day.
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*A tip is to include bring a bottle with the invite, most people are happy to do that and then they have their favourite tipple and you don't have to worry about catering to everyones tastes.    

7. Be Safe! Remember how perfect BBQ's can be at breeding salmonella! Keep your meat refrigerated until you cook it and once cooked make sure it is covered. Uneaten food should be stored in the fridge as soon as possible after the meal to prevent any horrible bacteria breeding. 

8. Keep the Kids entertained with some fun activities. I have found some great idea's online like this lawn twister game! 

Yard Twister!

9. Get a Gazebo! This is an important one with our unpredictable weather. Borrow one from a friend or buy your own but you want somewhere to shelter from the sun...and maybe the rain!

10. Use disposable cutlery/plates..nobody wants to wash up after a great party!

11. This one is only for people with an endless budget....GET ONE OF THESE...

Your guests will be gobsmacked and you will go down in history as the best host ever! 

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Have a lovely BBQ!!

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post but all writing and opinion is my own.


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    1. I know isnt it cool! Will do this when Ted is bigger! Have a look at my pinterest for some more ideas! Link at the top xx

  2. These tips are really great, especially the Twister idea, how clever - my girls would love that. x


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