Monday, 8 July 2013

Cooling Down with Cuddledry!

With the weather being so hot the past few days poor Ted has really suffered. With prickly heat across his back and chest and no more layers to take off we have had to find novel ways to provide relief. 

We have had fun in the paddling pool and used our Cuddlemitt with cold water to cool him down. Yet another use for our bath time favourite.

If you are enjoying the sunshine and much needed cool baths or paddling pool fun this summer then Cuddledry have some new products that you will love! 

Cuddledry have gone dotty! They have a new range of really pretty pink polka dot apron towels, Cuddlebugs and Cuddletwist hair towels that look fantastic, making me wish Ted was a girl! 

Pink polka dot apron £32.99
Pink polka dot toddler towel £34.99
Pink polka dot Cuddletwist hair towel £8.99

They are also celebrating the Royal Baby with their extra special Limited Edition Crystal Cuddledry! They have added a bit of bling to the much loved bath apron with a diamante Cuddledry embellishment, perfect for the Royal Prince or Princess! 

To see all the latest Cuddledry products visit their website here 

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