Friday, 26 July 2013

Bullying...Hot or Not?

I don't often rant over here and I am sure most people who read my blog will know that I very rarely have a bad thing to say about most things. 

However there is something that has been plaguing the social media sites for a while now and it is awful.

This 'game' is being played by teenagers up and down the country and no doubt across the world. It is a vulgar use of social media and blatant excuse for bullying. 

After a little research I have come to realise that this is not a new concept and actually stems from a site set up back in 2000 by two American students. This then went on to become quite a popular concept and resulted in Facemash created by Mark Zuckerberg who we know as the founder of Facebook. 

This is all very interesting and although the website Hot or Not was rumoured to have sold for $20Million it does not detract from the fact that thousands of people out there are still being 'rated' on their looks! 

Teenagers are asked to 'Like for Looks' and they do so hoping that they will receive a lovely compliment from people who they think are their friends. Sadly they are often handed out harsh ratings which follow with the same response...if you don't want to know then don't 'Like'. 

This is quite true, however, with these kids under the illusion that their school peers are their friends, people who often are friendly to their faces, why would they believe they would receive anything other than a compliment? 

I could rant about this all day but I want to just leave this with a few last words...

No amount of good looks can hide an ugly personality!

I want to share this with #PoCoLo and ask 
parent's to really be aware of the ugly side of social media. 

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  1. this kind of thing really is quite horrible :(

  2. One word VILE!!! Fab post hun - wasn't aware of this. popping over from #PoCoLo

  3. This is really unpleasant - especially seeing as so many young kids are on Facebook! Lets hope it gets banned #PoCoLo

  4. I know ladies, It is horrible. It is something that won't disappear though as there is no control over what kids put on their facebook pages. The only thing we can do is teach our kids that its not right and hope other people will follow the lead.x

  5. This is disgusting. Poor Grace is already getting a complex because she has a birthmark under her nose and thinks she is ugly. Things like this need to be policed. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. I know its horrible. My sister is 12 and that's what sparked this post. I had to tell a couple of girls to back off because they were being quite unkind. Its hard to know if you should step in but I was adult about it and just said to stop or ill report the Facebook pages. It stopped...for now x


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