Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BBC Gardeners World Show

On my BBC Good Food Show post I mentioned we also attended the Gardeners World Show on 14th June 2013. We had a lovely day and with my little brother and I being big foodies we totally expected to be blown away by all the food and not remotely interested in the Garden Show. This was not the case...

We were blown away by some of the flower displays, amazed by the bonsai tree's and fell in love with the Scandinavian huts with their fur blankets and wooden crockery!

Inside the Hut
There were so many stalls selling everything from knitted booties to power tools, not strictly gardening specific but we had fun browsing. The Butterfly Farm from Stratford Upon Avon were there too with a huge array of creepy crawlies for us to see and I was even able to hold a millipede! I had a big discussion with the lady about the difference between Centipedes and Millipedes and was told the answer is...a Millipede has around 250 legs where as a Centipede has 100 but after some research I discovered that this isn't exactly correct and was quite disappointed! 

I decided Cockroaches are actually quite cute...but not in my house!

I also held a baby chick which was super cute and I fell in love with a miniature (says in Grandpa Pigs voice) bird hide which I have instructed my Dad he must build one in his garden for Ted!

We spotted Gaston the Ladybird...
Then we went outside and came across some wonderful pieces of art. These doors were designed by Birmingham City University students for the show to inspire people to decorate their front doors. I love this idea and would very much like to do this when I finally own a house! 

By Will Kew
By Harjit Kaur
The doors were all fantastic but these were my favourites. There is a full list of the students that created these works of art on the website here. They reminded me of Monsters Inc and I expected Mike and Sully to pop their heads round at any time!

Next we discovered the wonders of the garden displays. Having a really unloved garden myself I am always in awe at the sheer enormity of these beautiful gardens. The skill, love and imagination that has gone into these designs is inspirational and I wish I had the patience and commitment to turn my garden into something this spectacular. 

I love these flowers, as a child I used to use Fuchsia's as earrings and dance around the garden with my floral accessories! 

The bright colours in these Lupins grabbed me from across the room and I had to get a picture, they are gorgeous and I quietly applaud (to myself) the gardener who put this display together. 

We also met a lovely man from Alphabet Photography who put together this frame of Ted's name for us. They are a great company and we hope to be able to buy one of their pieces. You can have a look at what your name would look like on their website, it really is very clever!


We had a brilliant day and all I hope to go back next year with my Mum as she loves her garden! 

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  1. Looks like you had a great day out. Got some great pics too x


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