Tuesday, 18 June 2013

BBC Good Food Show 2013

On Friday I attended the BBC Good Food Show, this was my first time attending an event as a blogger and had my very own Press Pass! After a troublesome journey on the train, my brother and I arrived at the NEC.

I was like a nervous school girl walking into the teachers staff room as I entered the Press Office but was pleased to be met by super friendly staff who were so helpful. They even arranged to reschedule our super theatre tickets as we had missed out Masterchef Live Show due to our public transport issues. We were unable to see the show as we ran out of time but we did hear Greg Wallace and John Torrode through the curtains!

So we settled in and enjoyed a complimentary tea and coffee and has a flick through our programmes to plan our day. We decided as the sky was a bit grey that we would cover Good Food  first before venturing outside to The Gardeners World Show which was also included in the tickets!

There were so many stands and companies exhibiting that it was hard to know where to start! We tried a few alcoholic bevvies first, being careful not to sample too many as I would need to drive later. Next it was onto the food! 

Our favourites Snowdonia Cheese were there with their selection of cheesy delights along with several new cheese makers that we hadn't tried, all of which were fantastic. Our top pick of the day had to be Snowdonia's Amber Mist, laced with whisky and their Little Black Bomber which is extra mature with a smooth finish and left us salivating!

We spied this mighty tower of Rocky Road from Narna's Chocolates and I have it on good authority that their Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake is delicious (I say that as I can't eat peanut butter because it gives me migraines but my brother had some)

There were a huge selection of Jams, Honeys and Pickles all of which were delicious and I especially liked this stand with honey and little bee hive candles. It is suggested that eating honey from your local area can build up your immune system and help prevent hayfever so we hope to find some local honey producers for Ted's honey and banana sandwiches that I will be sure to make him!

We saw a few famous chefs on the day including the legend that is Brian Turner, Celebrity Masterchef star Lisa Faulkner and my favourite the lovely Paul Rankin who gave me some Irish Potato and Soda Farls and made my day by giving me a top tip for fry ups! 

"Take your bacon and fry it in a pan until nice and crispy, remove the bacon from the pan and lay in slices of farls. Fry them in all your yummy bacon fat and they make a super tasty addition to your Irish Breakfast!"

I am a big lover of tomatoes, in any shape or form they are delicious. I got a little over excited when I saw this giant tomato costume and Union Jack made out of tomatoes! 

We tried a few things we weren't too keen on including Hemp Milk, which although aparently very good for you, tasted like licking an envelope and was really not for me!

I also was able to see the new Chill Factor Squeeze Cup in action for making home made slushy drinks . They made an apple one on the day which was really nice and gave us a couple of recipe cards too. It looks like a great gadget and I can't wait to try it out myself!

After discovering all the edible delights we went outside where the sun was shining and explored the Gardeners World Show which I will be posting about soon! 

We then headed back to Northampton on the train to our local American Diner Buddies where we tucked into a dinner of roast beef and pastrami in a toasted ciabatta, dipped into a beef jus called the French Dip. Served with coleslaw and cheesy fries, all washed down with a banana milkshake! 

This is why I need to start my diet this week! 

Don't forget to pop back for my post on The Gardeners World Show, I got some beautiful pictures!

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