Friday, 28 June 2013

Babasac by Mama Designs Ltd

We have recently been reviewing a gorgeous product for bed time called the Babasac, a new range of baby sleeping bags from Mama Designs Ltd with an innovative new design. 

The Babasac offers a 2-in-1 multi tog design with layers that zip out easily when needed, providing 2.5 tog and 1.0 tog in one bag. It also has a brilliant  zip that ends at the bottom to provide easy nappy access in the night. 

With the summer months rolling in...well trying to...we have had a few hot nights. If Ted is not in his sleeping bag he tends to wiggle himself sideways in his cot, resulting in his head being wedged against the bars! Therefore we need to put him in a sleeping bag to stop him from fidgeting about! 

The sleeping bags come in 3 designs. Hearts, Stars and Apples. We were kindly sent an Apple one and love it so much! 
Babasac's come in 3 different sizes from 0-36 months. They come in at just under £40 but when you think this will be for both your baby's summer and winter bedding this is really good value for money. 

We also found if you have a pooey full nappy incident in the night, you can take the inner layer out without rushing about trying to find a fresh sleeping bag for the rest of the night which is really handy! 

Here is Ted in his Babasac...


  1. These look great, I'm due to have my second daughter in a few weeks and am thinking of getting one of these.x

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  2. Wow what a great idea to have a removable layer!! Thats really clever :)

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