Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Shupeas Review - Growing Shoes for Growing Feet

This week we have been trying out some amazing new shoes from Shupeas! Ted hates wearing shoes and kicks off any we put on him but these soft comfortable growing shoes were kept firmly on and looked adorable! 


Shupea's are expandable and adjustable shoes for ages 0 to 18months. 
With Velcro and elastic adjustments they are 4 sizes in 1 shoe! 

Made from 100% leather with slip resistant suede soles for grip these shoes are long lasting and economical. Starting from £29 these could be the only shoes your baby needs for the first year and a half of their life...that could be a lot of pennies saved!

Shupeas Colours!
The shoes come in a range of colours and have lovely pictures on the front, Ted has rockets.

Shupeas, too Collection
Vegan Shoes!

They also have a brilliant range of 100% man made vegan shoes called Shupeas Too starting at just £14.99!

Here is Ted in his Rocket Shupeas!

Ted's Shupeas!

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I wanted to share this review with other parents of tiny feet with a bit of help from 
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  1. These look blooming amazing! i so wish i had heard about these when Joshua was smaller!

  2. I think I NEED to have another baby if only for these - they are gorgeous :). Thanks for sharing this post with PoCoLo lovely - and for all your fab support xx

  3. These are brilliant. POD has something similar when she was little but I didn't know about these. Great photos too :)

  4. These are so cute defo need to get Ami some when she gets a little bigger!

  5. These look brilliant!! Baby shoes can be so expensive, so the fact they cover 4 sizes is brilliant. I will definitely be looking at these when our baby gets here. Thank you for sharing the info x #PoCoLo

  6. I am a week late but am determined to catch up on all the #PoCoLo posts.

    These are amazing! I will definitely buy these if I have another baby. I wonder if they will last as long as 4 sizes?



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