Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snoodie by Mama Designs Ltd

These lovely soft bibs are great for soaking up all that wonderful dribble! I for one know exactly what its like to have a baby constantly drooling all over his lovely clothes and his toys and me!

The Snoodie is a funky looking scarf/bib for babies aged 0-3years as they have a double popper for adjustable size. It is made from 100% cotton jersey with an inner super absorbent layer!

Absorbent Inner Layer


They are really nice looking and come in a variety of designs, Ted has a green one which really suits him and goes well with most of his clothes, but they do come in purple, navy with white stars and red and white spotty!

Ted in his Snoodie

At the moment Ted has a chubby little chin and hardly any neck to put the Snoodie around but as he gets bigger it will sit perfectly and look adorable!

We found that Ted got through a lot less clothes as the Snoodie prevented his tops from getting soaked in slobber!

We love our Snoodie and at £6.95 you can afford to get a couple in different designs to match different outfits!

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