Saturday, 23 March 2013

Asda's Little Angels Nappies

We have recently been testing Asda's Little Angels nappies and oh what fun we have had changing nappies! 

When you use something more regularly than you brush your teeth it is generally quite important to have the best. When it comes to our babies we all want the best for them, the best cot, the best clothes, the best toys.

The most important thing is that our babies have the best nappies! They are sat in them all day every day and at the rate they get through them you also don't want them to cost the earth!

With Huggies leaving the nappy market and being discontinued back in February we will need to start looking into what else is on the market and perhaps exploring what supermarkets have to offer in their own brand products!
At £3.19 for 42 size 2 nappies or £5.97 for 56 size 3, Asda's Little Angels offer great value for money! 

 An added bonus is the size 3's are currently 2 packs for £10!

Even Ted was surprised at the price!!!

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  • They contain an embossed top sheet to, as it says on the packs, absorb soft poo!
  • They are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic
  • Have a more secure fit with overlapping soft flexible sides
They are regularly tested against leading brands and in my opinion in the daytime they are fine. However, we did find them less absorbent at night times and find we have to use one of the more expensive brands at night but with Little Angels being a fraction of the price of leading brands that is something we don't mind having to do. 

A Dry Ted is a Happy Ted and a
Happy Ted is a Happy Mummy!

With simple cartoon designs of babies on the nappies I can see how Asda have been able to produce these and sell them for less than the leading brands which often have popular characters like Winnie the Pooh on.

Overall, if you are looking for great value for money you can't really ask for anything more. They on average saved us about 6p per nappy! Which with the amount used, equals a lot of pennies saved to spend on our next biggest wipes!!!

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  1. These sound fab! And always good to find a deal on nappies since we need SO many of them in babydom!


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