Monday, 7 January 2013

Newborn Mummy!

I thought after writing all of the blog posts with letters to Ted that it would be best to let people know that my little man is here! He joined us on 17th December 2012 after a rather eventful birth which in short consisted of being induced, an epidural (genius) and eventually ending in an emergency c-section. An extremely traumatic experience for me and my partner but little man didn't seem fazed by it and was quite content upon arrival!
Ted Stanley McDonald
17.12.12 - 8lbs 9oz
So after 2 nights in hospital, much to everyones surprise, we were able to come home. Me with a lovely scar and 6weeks recovery ahead of me and little man with not a care in the world all tucked up in his car seat!

Nothing prepared me for the experience of my first labour, no amount of books or advice would ever have been enough as no one labour is the same. For example, nobody prepared me for the enormous POP I felt and heard when my waters broke after being induced or the shock that took over my body and left me shaking for 5solid minutes afterwards! No amount of preparation and birth plans could prepare me for complications we faced when little man wouldn't turn his head and no amount of breathing technique's or relaxation CD's could have prepared me for the shock of being told I had to have an emergency cesarean and within 30seconds was going to be whisked off into theatre, leaving my fiance and my mum standing outside worrying and wondering what the hell was going on!
Me and Ted in Hospital
But, as awful as it sounds, I am so proud of how well myself and my birth partners coped throughout the labour and before all hell broke loose I had been doing so well, I used the gas and air as best I could to see me through the first contractions (which in my honest opinion, did hurt like hell!) Then the epidural, which was put in by the most wonderful female anaesthetist, left me with no feeling from the ribs down so I didn't feel the last contractions and even managed a nap before it was time to push! Pushing is a strange experience when you can't feel a thing but the midwife was amazing and helped me know when a contraction was coming and it was time to push, this continued for a good hour before it was confirmed that little one would not budge and the big C word came!

The staff in that operating room were pretty amazing! There was about 7 of them and other than a rather rude anaesthetist they were all so friendly and supportive! My midwife held my hand and explained who everyone was and what was going to happen, even down to showing me the table where baby would go once he was born. Once the screen was up to block my view my fiance joined me and after alot of being tugged about but not feeling any pain, out came our wonderful little man! I was able to give him a kiss before he was tucked up in his Daddy's arms while I was patched back up and scooted to the observation ward.

The next few hours were spent making sure me and Ted were doing ok and we were shown how to feed and change him. Once all my stats were good we were taken to the main ward which was where we spent the next 2 days being looked after by a lovely group of midwives.

I got 2hours sleep in the 2nights I spent in hospital, mainly down to being on a ward with 2-3 other women and their babies who cried all night. Me and Ted spent most of it having cuddles and wondering why the other babies were so noisy! :)

Ted is a perfect little man, he rarely cries unless he is naked or hungry. He sleeps most of the night only waking every 3hours for feeds and is a real little character constantly pulling faces and making us smile. He is very strong and was lifting his own head from a couple of days old and regained his birth weight by day 5! Now at 3weeks old we have a beautiful content little boy who we are so proud of and love with all of our hearts! We had a wonderful first Christmas with him and he has visited the garden centre and enjoyed trips to the park and shops!

I am recovering well and am remaining as active as I can be and look forward to being able to drive again in 6weeks so that I can go on some adventures and show my little man the big wide world!


  1. So glad I got to meet him and give him a cuddle xx

  2. Congratulations, looking forward to reading about your adventures together! Love the name Ted! xx


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