Sunday, 19 June 2011

My First Manicure

So today I had my very first Manicure...
It was a strange experience to say the least, I didnt know where to put my hands or what was being done but I went along with it. 

Whilst I was sitting in this small nail bar with a handful of chinese staff that didnt speak alot of english and a couple of chavvy girls were sat alongside us getting sparkly, elaboratly painted acrylics done...I got thinking...

What a great business venture to open a nail salon with style!

A place where you could come and get your manicure/pedicure, acrylics or american polish (dont ask me what that entails!) and be totally pampered in a beautifully decorated, comfortable environment with staff who spoke fluant english and appreciated that getting your nails done should be a special experience.

Perhaps serving cups of tea and even throwing in a nice indian head massage for customers who come in on a regular basis. 

Now I really am not sure this is something I would be brave enough to attempt but it was just my random ponderings whilst sitting on an uncomfortable stool in a nail bar.

Now dont get me wrong the end result was quite nice and at £10 I am told that this was a bargain...however I am not sure if this will be something I will be paying out for on a regular basis...

Here is the end result...

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  1. I've never had my nails sounds a bit scary!! I love your blog design...great job! xxx


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